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What are they, the first signs of mental disorders in adolescents?
How to distinguish a mental disorder from the normal process of growing up? Where is the edge?
How to understand the symptoms, how to notice them in time?
My child eats poorly, low academic performance, constant depression – what to do?


You will learn about mental disorders observed in adolescents.
You will learn about the big threat to girls - anorexia nervosa.
You will understand more about the problem of modern youth - adolescent depression.
We will analyze: anorexia nervosa, oligophrenia, dysmorphic phobia, asthenic syndrome, autism, depression.
You will understand which symptoms are not psychological abnormalities.





Ustimenko Vladimir

Doctor psychopathologist, social technologist
For a long time has been working on the problems of gifted children and rehabilitation of children of teenagers who faced psychological problems at school.

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