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Neuropedagogy. What should a modern parent know?

In this course you will learn what neuropedagogy is. What this area of pedagogical knowledge is for, and more importantly, what a parent needs it for.

The brain has very special laws of development and functioning. The brain is the soil on which the psyche grows. That is why it is so important for a modern parent to know the laws of neuropedagogy in order to be able to understand what is the norm of development and the formation of what skills by the age of the child.

During the course you will get a huge amount of information about the laws of neuropedagogy, about the formation of self-control in children, about the laws of the subject environment, about motivation, development problems and risk factors of distortion of nervous processes. But the main questions you will get answers to as a result of this course are for what? and why? Enjoy and useful browsing!





Andrey Tsvetkov

Russian neuropsychologist, doctor of psychological sciences.
Specialization: personality psychology, developmental psychology, neuropedagogy, neuropsychological diagnostics, correction and rehabilitation of children and adults.
He has published over 200 scientific papers, 18 of which are monographs and textbooks.

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