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The founder of the online school

International online school of parents education «Soϕia»

The online school of parents education «Soϕia» is us, a team of like-minded people set the goal of helping parents to expand their knowledge about approaches to raising their children.

Each parent has some experience and knowledge in education, but this knowledge is not always positively embodied. Very often parents face difficulties that are complicated to overcome without the necessary skills.

We offer you a new approach to raising children - conscious development of yourself as a parent, as a teacher, as a senior companion. We believe that our modern, innovative approaches will make it possible to transform the upbringing of your children into an interesting, exciting and useful process called happy life.

Our psychological and pedagogical literacy courses are aimed at making them qualitative, beautiful and as informative as possible.

We will welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving the learning process.

Give your child a future!

With love, the staff of the online school of parents' education «Soϕia».